This is a large metal sculpture made from a neighbor's old water heater I cut into a multitude of pieces prior to arranging tem in a sculpture.  The piece measures approximately 4 feet tall by 2 feet wide and was welded together with 6000 degrees of heat from the torch in my studio.  My sweet husband (of 52 years), Henry cleans all of the sculptures for me prior to my attempting to prime and permanently color them with automobile paint and/or spray cans of paint from the local hardware store. 

I have two modes from which I operate.  When my "masculine energy" is up, I do the welding part of my process, and when my "feminine" energy is up, I do the patinas... and never the twain shall meet.  All of this said, I have numerous pieces I'm working on at any given time.  The ideas come faster than I can ever produce the finished products, which is both reassuroing most of the time, and at times frustrating because I can't produce the final pieces as fast as I'd like so I can move onto another pressing idea that comes to mind.

This piece could be displayed either indoors or outdoors.

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